News & Publications

  • The fifth edition of Jay Shein’s book, Investment Planning Answer Book, 2013 edition, was published in July 2013, by CCH, Inc., a leading publisher of tax, legal, and financial publications since 1913. This updated version is approximately 500 pages in length and includes additional and enhanced information.  CCH customers include professionals in the areas of tax, securities, financial planning, law, accounting, insurance, financial services, and small business. The main audience for this book includes portfolio managers, financial planners, wealth managers, trustees, accountants, attorneys, and other professional advisors.
  • Blair Shein was published by CCH in the January 2012 edition of Estate Planning Review – The Journal.   The paper was titled “Behavioral Finance: Overcoming Our Biases”.
  •  Jay Shein was published in the January/February 2012 edition of Investments & Wealth Monitor.  The paper was titled “Fusion Analysis: Investment Methods Combined”.