Our Firm

As a boutique firm, we focus on working closely with our clients to establish long-term relationships. We are large enough to offer a variety of strengths and areas of expertise, yet small enough to maintain our focus on excellent client service. We maintain a manageable client base in order to allow us to focus our resources on our client’s unique needs. This allows our clients to work directly with the firm’s principals, but also gain the benefits of our team approach.

In using a team approach, we give our clients the benefits of having multiple areas of knowledge and expertise. We do our best to involve multiple people in the firm to be familiar with your situation so that when you call with a question, if the person you ask for is unavailable, then someone else may be able to assist you. Our team’s experience gives clients a blend of academic theory and real world applications. We value the professional relationships that you have with your accountant or attorney and will work in concert with them to arrive at solutions to best meet your needs when appropriate.  We can also provide you with a recommendation for an accountant, attorney or other professional if needed.

At Compass, we strive to point you in the right direction.