Portfolio Management and Investment Consulting

Compass is dedicated to the total economic wealth of investors. We use a flexible, but disciplined approach using institutional quality research to work toward achieving maximum returns consistent with your tolerance for risk.

Our Process

1.  Establishing objectives

Our process begins with a thorough evaluation of your overall financial situation, your investment objectives, your tolerance and capacity for risk, and any restrictions and/or conditions that would impact the management of your investment assets.

2.  Develop the Investment Strategy

Before we will begin managing investments on behalf of any client, an Investment Policy Statement is designed and agreed upon by the client to outline the parameters by which the portfolio will be managed.  This Investment Policy Statement incorporates the information that we gather in our initial step.

3.  Implement the Investment Strategy

Once the Investment Policy Statement is in place, we implement the allocation decisions through the purchase of various investment types, vehicles and strategies.  For more on our investment philosophy, click here.

4.  Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor portfolios on a regular basis and generally provide clients with quarterly consolidated reports. We meet with clients as appropriate to review investment portfolios.


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