Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning

A properly designed estate plan is an integral part of ensuring that your assets are protected and handled in a manner that is consistent with your desires.  While most people understand that an estate plan can enable you to pass your assets to your heirs in the way you choose, there are many other reasons to address this important aspect of your financial preparation.

A well constructed estate plan will address what happens in the event of your incapacity.  It can also allow you to minimize estate taxes and probate costs.  In addition, it can help to alleviate family fighting and costly court proceedings.  Providing for the needs of minors and providing protection for your beneficiaries by safeguarding assets from creditors or divorced spouses are also some significant benefits to estate planning.

While our firm does not provide legal advice, we can work closely with your attorney in helping you to construct an estate plan that enables you to pass your assets to your heirs when you want and without substantial depletion from taxes and other transfer costs.

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